Will Portfolio

Make Your Future Wishes Crystal Clear

Complete the full Will Portfolio with our personalised legal service

Continue to take care of your family and loved ones during a time of grief by making your wishes crystal clear in a Will Portfolio.

There are four core documents which must be drafted and executed correctly in order to effectively protect your legal, personal, financial and health care wishes.

Standard Will

Appoint an Executor, nominate a Guardian for your children, state your burial or cremation wishes, and name who will inherit your estate.

Enduring Power of Attorney

Appoint someone you trust to make financial and personal decisions on your behalf. You can limit the scope of these powers and decide when they start. Even if you lose the capacity to make decisions, the power will continue during your lifetime until you formally revoke it, or it is successfully challenged in VCAT.

Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker

Appoint someone you trust to make medical decisions on your behalf if and when you lose capacity due to injury, accident, illness or age.  You can limit the scope of these powers to help ensure your wishes are followed.

Advance Care Directive (Values and Instructional Directives)

Set up your Values and Instructional Directives to guide those who care for you, including family, close friends and doctors, in the event you lose decision making capacity.  At a time when you’re unable to speak for yourself, let your carers know who you wish to be involved in decisions about your medical treatment and what sort of medical treatment decisions are important to you.  This document can be registered on your My Health Record so that any medical practitioner or hospital has access to your wishes.



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