Should I use a DIY Will kit?

DIY Will kit
December 31, 2020 Donna Farrell 0 Comments

Getting around to writing a Will is a task often found on people’s New Year’s resolutions – and after the year we’ve just had in Victoria, 2021 will be no exception! 

Our earlier post goes through some of the key reasons why having a Will is a good idea.  But what’s the best way to write your Will?   

Back in May, Choice Magazine reviewed a range of DIY Will Kits (Will kit reviews, plus tips for drafting your will | CHOICE) and discovered the bad points that recurred across multiple kits included a lack of information about what is actually included in your estate, how to deal with superannuation, how to execute (sign and witness) the document so that it’s valid, and also how to store it safely. 

Although having simple inexpensive Wills available is important to ensure all people have access to justice – the justice of having your ‘voice’ heard after you die, they are not for everyone.    

 A DIY Will Kit is fine for will-makers who have simple estates and leave everything to one or two people provided they execute the document correctly.  However for any wishes more complicated than this, trying to draft it yourself may well create a situation you never intended – and the emotional fallout that may go along with it. 

Taking your testamentary wishes to a Wills lawyer means that you will learn which of your assets your Will will deal with, the particular effect of each paragraph of your Will (including what happens when named beneficiaries predecease you), whether it is possible for your Will to be challenged and how best to avoid this. 

To avoid the financial and emotional costs associated with incorrect execution, imprecise drafting and court challenges – invest in a Wills lawyer to get it right.  Find out more about AT YOUR WILL’s 5 Simple Steps to writing your Will Standard Will – AT YOUR WILL , give Donna a call on 0413 656 164 if you have a question that needs to be cleared up before you can start planning, or start your will online today Start My Will – AT YOUR WILL.

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